Visit the Park Silly Market in Park City, UT

Park City, Utah is widely renowned for its gorgeous vistas and luxurious world-class ski resorts. However, besides enjoying Park City real estate and tourist attractions, residents and visitors can also experience terrific events for the entire family. 

One of these events is the Park Silly Market on Historic Main Street. This fantastic weekly affair attracts tourists from all over the world and features a diverse assortment of musicians, performers, vendors, and restaurants. Keep reading to learn more about this spectacular event!

How Did the Park Silly Market Start?

Park Silly Market had its humble beginnings in 2006 when its founder, Kimberly Kuehn, wished to make a big splash on Main Street. The event’s primary purpose was to provide people in the community a chance to sell their crafts, hold free events, and create buzz for the vendors on Main Street.

The event began as a gathering of local community members, including charities, artists, and sustainability advocates. The event gradually attracted visitors and tourists due to the colorful culture and assortment of hobbies and interests. Importers, organic producers, artists, and jewelers have all contributed in recent years to make Park Silly Market an exceptional destination. Every week is different and never the same.

The Park Silly Market’s popularity has grown throughout the years from a single picnic table to around 30, from 40 vendors to about 200, and from inviting community members as performers to having 100 bands per season booked by January.

What Are the Attractions at the Park Silly Market?

From June to September, the Park Silly Market attracts up to 30,000 tourists each Sunday, many of whom come to the mountains to enjoy the weather of the nearby Salt Lake Valley. Streets are shut down to satisfy a steady stream of attendees from all walks of life. 

The Park Silly Market is a gathering place for families, friends, and tourists to celebrate the community’s quirky and friendly culture. The mission of the eco-friendly market is to broaden and deepen the community’s inclusivity. Another aim of the event is to establish Park City as a destination where regional, national, and local issues can be discussed or properly addressed through community and celebration.

The Park Silly Market is a combination of an open-air market, a community forum, and a street festival. A gold mine of diverse and unique international and local products and art are on display in the market portion of the event. Vintage items, public performances, music, fresh fruits and vegetables from the local farmer’s market, exclusive finds, and imports are also available at the market. 

The stalls are set up along Main Street from the intersection at 9th to Heber Avenue. Some vendors rotate week to week, while others are virtually mainstays, ensuring that there is always something new to discover. The market is as distinct as the community of Park City, Utah itself.

The Park Silly Market’s Community Elements Program is another feature that sets it apart. The thrilling and lively street event serves as a community forum for everybody to participate in. Musicians, free children’s events, artists, prominent environmental groups, zero waste campaigns, highlighted chefs, and supported nonprofit organizations are included among the market’s Community Element Programs. 

Week after week, the market uses media campaigns to advertise these programs extensively. The Park Silly Market provides a platform for both emerging artists and seasoned professionals to showcase their work. Public sponsorships make it possible to provide these organizations and individuals with free space.

The Park Silly Market has aspired to be a zero-waste event since its inception. Visitors and vendors can use the Zero Waste stations that can be found all over the market. Additionally, every food vendor at the market uses recyclable dishes, cups, and utensils. 

During the summer of 2016, the market attracted 198,000 visitors and only 11 percent of the trash produced was sent to a landfill. To achieve their sustainability targets, Park Silly organizers encourage people to bike, bus, or walk to the market and to carry a reusable water bottle to fill at free water stations.

If visitors plan on purchasing products from vendors at Park Silly Market, they should bring cash. Although some vendors accept credit cards, others only take cash. Visitors can also carry an appropriate container or bag for fruits and vegetables to prevent them from being crushed.

Get Silly!

The Park Silly Market is one of Park City, Utah’s most spectacular summer events. It takes pride in being an environmentally friendly, open-air market and street festival. It boasts a vast array of unique and diverse attractions such as locally made products, music and performance art, delectable gourmet foods, and a farmers’ market. The Park Silly Market truly can bring joy to any Park City realtor, resident, or tourist.

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