Top 6 Dog-Friendly Places in Park City, Utah

As a Park City realtor, clients often ask me what the best things about Park City real estate are. I could easily name a hundred reasons to buy a home in Park City, Utah — but the best one for me is that it is a place ideal for the whole family, even dogs. 

Park City is home to the best ski resorts, top-rated public schools, and the most charming pet-friendly communities. Many clients even joke about renaming the place to Bark City because of the endless activities homeowners can enjoy with their dogs. 

If you are from the area or waiting for owners to sell a home in Park City, Utah — here is a list of the top 6 best places to visit with your dog.

Barking Cat

The first stop I would recommend to dog lovers is Barking Cat, located right in the heart of Park City. Many Park City realtors can verify that it is the community’s favorite pet store. 

The owner, Merridee, has been living in Park City since 1983, and she knows how to address the needs of the local market. As an owner of five lively dogs, she offers top-quality products that she confidently uses on her furbabies. Barking Cat offers a wide variety of limited-ingredient treats, eco-friendly interactive toys, specialty leashes and collars, and virtually everything dog owners need for their canine buddies. The local store boasts of the Barkery — a container full of custom cakes, cookies, and whoopie pies loaded with dog-friendly ingredients.

The Corner Store Park City

The Corner Store Park City is one of the most well-loved dog-friendly establishments in the area. A community favorite since 1974, it offers a friendly ambiance and excellent service ideal for casual meals and meeting other dog owners. The restaurant warmly welcomes furry friends in its spacious outdoor patio, which the staff heats during colder months.

After walking, I like ordering the Healthy Start for breakfast and getting a slice of ham for my dog. We take our time eating, enjoying the views, and breathing in the fresh mountain air. The Corner Store Park City is also open for lunch and dinner and offers a full bar and the occasional live music.

Blind Dog Restaurant & Raw Bar

The name is not a coincidence —  the owner of Blind Dog Restaurant & Raw Bar is a certified dog lover who understands canine dining better than most restaurateurs. The interiors are full of dog-related decor, and the spacious patio accommodates furbabies. My friends from the Park City real estate industry and I frequent this spot because of the food diversity. Blind Dog Restaurant & Raw Bar has a wide variety of food and drinks ideal for a relaxing sushi-and-wine or lobster-and-beer dinner session.

Willow Creek Dog Park

Willow Creek Dog Park is a certified canine haven. One side is a spacious grassy area ideal for running, and the other side is a fenced dog pond for furbabies who love to swim. 

It is a well-planned location with water bowls, poop bag stands, and a dock where dogs can jump into the water. There is also an area where owners can dry dogs before getting them inside the car. 

With a pond, agility course, and lots of running space, the place offers prime canine recreation. I love going to Willow Creek Dog Park with my furbaby. One hour there with my dog gives me enough exercise for two days!

Park City Dog Park

Like Willow Creek Dog Park, Park City Dog Park offers a beginner-level agility course and a spacious running area.  However, there is no pond in this park, making it ideal for dogs who enjoy running more than swimming. 

The park is a clean area with beautiful scenery year-round. Even in the winter, Park City Dog Park offers breathtaking views. It has two secure doors, plenty of poop bags, and a water fountain with built-in dog bowls. 

Willow Creek Dog Park has more versatile activity options, but I enjoy Park City Dog Park because of the spacious running area, agility course, beautiful views, and friendly dog owners.

Run-A-Muk Trail

Run-A-Muk is one of Park City’s hidden leash-free gems. It is a top choice for morning or evening hikes for people and pups and offers 43 acres of open space and two miles of trail ideal for hikers and dogs.

It opened in 2014 and quickly became the community’s favorite spot for off-leash hiking. There are options for longer or shorter trails ideal for hikers of any age and experience. 

When I go here with my dog, I often find him running for miles, rolling around in sage, and playfully chasing other dogs. I highly recommend going here in the morning or as the sun sets for the best views of nature.

Find the Best Park City Real Estate Properties

Park City combines the benefits of metropolitan areas, resort living, and a warm community. It is one of the best places to live in the state. Park City realtors can confirm that it is a pleasant area with many activities for the whole family, including dogs. 

If you are ready to buy a home in Park City, Utah — please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can find the perfect home for you and your family and talk about all the dog-friendly places you can visit!

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